In the early 1980s, Asahi-Shuzo noticed Japan’s dining culture was beginning to change. To meet the needs of modern epicureans, they launched the Kubota brand: a crisp, clean and dry sake series that with the right marriage, heightens the umami and enhances all flavors of your meal. This brand has more to offer than an interesting flavor profile — here are just four of the many reasons we love Kubota sake.

Kubota Bar Asahi Shuzo sake

1. They Keep it Local

Based in one of Japan’s most famous sake production regions – Niigata – Asahi-Shuzo has the finest ingredients to make its versatile range of Kubota nihonshu right on its doorstep. From crystal clear water derived from melted snow and mountain streams to high-quality Gohyakumangoku rice, all of Kubota’s ingredients are locally sourced to create its signature tanreikarakuchi — crisp, clean and dry — finish. 

2. The Kubota Sake Bar

For the ultimate sake experience, head to Mirai Sake Store / Kubota Sake Bar on Shibuya Parco’s B1 floor. This combination bar and sake store stocks the whole Kubota selection and has an extensive lineup of 150 sake varieties from across the country. Consult with on-site sake specialists for the best buys and recommended pairings. While you’re here, enjoy a quick sip – starting as low as ¥500 a glass – or take advantage of one of the creative seasonal cocktails on offer. 

3. The Yummy Sake AI Experience

Don’t know what sake you’re into yet or want to become a sake expert in less than an hour? The Yummy Sake tasting kit at Kubota Sake Bar is a blind tasting experience of 10 varieties of sake that uses AI technology to find your sake “personality.” Rate your favorites as you taste test and this digital sake sommelier will analyze the data to find a sake that matches your palate. This experience costs a meager ¥2,000 and includes a cocktail or glass of Kubota sake that matches your preferences.

4. They Think Outside the Box

If you’ve found your favorite Kubota sake through the Yummy Sake AI experience, buy a bottle at the bar to take home with you. Find your favorite and take it home. Kubota’s range is versatile and offers endless pairing options – your imagination is the only limit.

Some suggestions:

  • Pair Kubota Senjyu Junmai Gingjo with creamy or high-fat dishes, like a wagyu steak or shrimp spring rolls.
  • Kubota Senjyu Gingjo is suited to sashimi or every day, home-cooked dishes like beef stew as it complements without overwhelming the flavor.
  • Kubota Aki Agari is a brand new seasonal nihonshu that makes a devilishly good duo with a slice (or full wheel) of Camembert.
  • Dark chocolate is a decadent match for Kubota Junmai Daiginjo.

Fore more pairing and recipe recommendations, visit

As part of a collaboration with Snow Peak, this seasonal Kubota Snow Peak bottle was exclusively made for outdoor enjoyment – and is also available for drinking and purchase at Kubota Sake Bar

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B1F Shibuya PARCO 15-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya

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