Capsule hotels are a well-known Japanese invention and a common commodity for people here. With affordable prices and minimalistic interiors, it’s no wonder they’re popular among locals and tourists.

What is a Capsule Hotel?

Capsule hotels are one of Japan’s well-known types of lodging, usually peppered around stations in big cities. They are cheap, bed-sized rooms usually used for overnight stays. They used to be mainly occupied by drunk salarymen who missed the last train and just wanted to find a place to sleep for a couple of hours before the first train. Now, many travelers seek accommodation in capsule hotels.

The Average Price Range

The average price for a night in a capsule hotel is around ¥2,500, but the prices can drop with an early booking or with discount coupons. Most capsule hotels have free amenities or a public bathhouse within the vicinity.

Hotel Zen Tokyo

Best Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

Nine Hours

The name for this capsule hotel chain comes from the time it takes for the three basic things: one hour to bathe, seven hours to sleep and one hour to get ready. Nine Hours is truly minimalist and a well-known capsule hotel chain, located all over Japan. Each Nine Hours capsule hotel has a separate floor for male and female guests.

The capsules in Nine Hours are made to not make guests feel suffocated and uncomfortable. Guests can adjust the lighting to their pleasure and charge their electronic devices inside. Showers and amenities are also available.

Depending on the location, there are cafés, workspaces and running stations for guests to get their minds and bodies ready for the new day after a night’s rest.

Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya

A women-only capsule hotel located in Shibuya, Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya is here to take all the stress away. This hotel is recommended to all solo female travelers who want to feel that they’re staying at a safe accommodation. Nadeshiko has a public bathhouse complete with all bath amenities including hand creams and towels.

Other facilities include a tatami lounge, powder room and laundromat to wash clothes.

Hotel Zen Tokyo

Boasting two stars, Hotel Zen Tokyo is definitely a luxury capsule hotel and great for experiencing Zen culture. The interior is inspired by a Japanese teahouse with a touch of minimalism. Each capsule has high ceilings so guests won’t feel cramped or claustrophobic. They can also utilize the study lounge to relax with a book or do some work. Breakfast is available as well.

Anshin Oyado Premiere Tokyo Ogikubo

Tucked away in between the streets of Ogikubo, Anshin Oyado is the perfect capsule hotel for fans of retro Showa Era (1926-1989) vibes. Even better are the hot spring baths open 24-7 so you can enjoy a relaxing soak anytime.

Guests can enjoy the complimentary curry buffet for breakfast in the morning and drinks at the Japanese izakaya-style bar in the evening.

First Cabin

First Cabin

Luxury Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

Resol Poshtel Tokyo Asakusa

Resol Poshtel is definitely posh, as the name suggests. Guests can enjoy a stay in a capsule adorned with traditional Japanese art on the walls and ceiling.

For better sound insulation, the capsule utilizes two layered curtains. Group travelers can reserve an entire room for themselves for a memorable stay. Guests can also have a rest in the lovely lobby with tatami seating, perfect for relaxing and planning adventures for the day.

Minimal Hotel Our Our

Minimal Hotel believes that good places inspire good experiences. They’re not wrong. At this capsule hotel, travelers can enjoy a night’s rest and meet new friends at the hotel’s café.

One thing that is special about this hotel is that guests can choose the perfect capsule for their needs. There are the classic capsules for individual travelers, as well as group capsules for group travelers and finally an entire private capsule for travelers who want their own time and space to rest. At the “Pretty Good” café on the premises, guests can grab a cup of coffee and donut for breakfast and a delicious dinner at the restaurant later.

The Millennials Shibuya

Experience the future of lodging at The Millennials. Located in Shibuya, the hub of Tokyo nightlife and cutting-edge technology, this capsule hotel is one of a kind.

The capsules include an electric reclining bed and high ceiling for comfort. Boasting a 120cm wide bed with a 25cm thick Serta pocket coil mattress, guests can expect a night of sound sleep. Some capsules even come with a screen projector where guests can enjoy their very own private movie night inside the capsule.

First Cabin Capsule Hotel

No other capsule hotel can beat the amount of space you’ll find in First Cabin. Designed to look like the first-class seating area in airplanes, it offers high class capsule options for its guests: Business Class and First Class capsules. Guests can enjoy more space and room in a First Class capsule while both First and Business capsules have a safety deposit box, LCD television and free Wi-Fi.

First Cabin has a bar, cafe lounge and laundromat plus guests can take a soak in the hot tubs in the bathhouse. They can also rent nightclothes and other essentials.

Manga Art Hotel

Fun and Quirky Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

Don’t miss out on some of the fun, themed capsule hotels in Tokyo where guests can experience an entertaining night fit to their interests. Here is a list of fun and quirky capsule hotels in Tokyo.

Book & Bed Tokyo

For bookworms who have dreamed of staying the night at a bookstore, Book & Bed Tokyo grants that wish. Book & Bed is located in Shinjuku and Shinsaibashi. Couples can book a double room here.

Guests can relax at the bookshop-like lounge with a book in hand and meet other bookworms. The hotel also offers a variety of coffee drinks and sandwiches.

Manga Art Hotel

Manga lovers can have the best overnight manga binge-reading experience at Manga Art Hotel which is located in the Chiyoda district of Tokyo.

There are 5,000 manga books available for guests to read and even purchase. Each manga is labeled with reviews, so guests can easily choose which one to read.

This capsule hotel has two floors for male and female guests to stay in. Manga Art offers a shower room, free Wi-Fi and pajamas for purchase. The entire hotel’s minimalistic interior gives a feeling of serenity and futurism.