Starting this March 1, Miyako Hotels & Resorts will begin running its new Ago Bay cruise, Lounge Cruise Shima. The cruise will be available to hotel guests at Shima Kanko Hotel, Prime Resort Kashikojima, Hotel Kintetsu Aquavilla Ise-Shima and Kashikojima Hojoen.

Beautiful Ago Bay is situated in the south of the Ise Peninsula, Mie, in the Ise-Shima region, and is the perfect spot to take a relaxing lounge cruise. Two options are available: a chartered cruise, and a party plan, in which tasty snacks and sparkling wine prepared by Shima Kanko Hotel’s executive chef are available.

Day cruise: from ¥20,000 per ship
Sunset cruise: from ¥30,000 per ship
Cruise party plan: ¥5,000 per adult/¥2,500 per child added to the above prices

For more information, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only)