I arrived a few days ago and have been checking out the sights of China’s most populous city.

The alleys of Taikung Lu are a fun place to explore for eateries, local designers, and kitsch shops with tourist and propaganda memorabilia.

This girl loves her lattes so you can just imagine how delighted I was to discover the biggest latte I’ve ever seen at popular Aussie-owned café Kommune. It is the equivalent of 3 cups of goodness in one massive cup.

Organic’s are gaining steam in Shanghai and while it appeared that mostly foreigners attended the Shanghai Farmer’s Market at Shanghai Centre, there were a couple of vendors that stood apart. Namely, organic produce from BioFarm (including fresh figs!) and a children’s charity started by foreign women in Shanghai called MiFan MaMa (“Rice Mummies”). Their primary mission is to assist the beautiful children at Lao Wang’s Orphanage with a feeding program.

Shanghai’s looking pretty good from where I am standing!