The story of Miyagi Prefecture is one of resilience and spirit. In the 10 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami washed over Miyagi’s coastal towns, the residents of this historic and traditional area filled with natural beauty have reinvented and revitalized their communities.

Miyagi Weekender

The Ultimate Guide to Miyagi

While the capital city of Sendai is rooted in samurai history and culture, daily life in Miyagi’s coastal regions is intertwined with the Pacific Ocean. In this special Miyagi Weekender issue, read about Fisherman Japan, an innovative group of young fishermen reintroducing Miyagi’s bounty of the sea. Discover the Reborn-Art Festival, a symbol of the region’s recovery. Most importantly, meet the locals who are eager to welcome guests to their homeland, and are working to return Miyagi to its glory.

Miyagi Weekender

Where To Find It

From March 22, you can pick up a hard copy of this free guidebook at embassies across Tokyo and at most tourist information centers in Miyagi Prefecture. If you can’t wait until then, or you’d rather browse a digital copy, you’ll find the online version here.

Photos by Allan Abani