Photo by Hiroyuki Hatano

Numata Hanabi

This local event brings the city to life with stalls selling street food lining the walkways of the park and touting festival favorites like takoyaki and choco banana sticks. Reserved seats are available for a fee to witness this 45-minute musical fireworks spectacle.

When: Sep 9
Where: Numata City Sports Park, Gunma Prefecture

Photo courtesy of Fireworks Co., Ltd

Sanriku Fireworks Competition

With two versions of this event — one in spring and one in autumn — per year, the Sanriku Fireworks Competition promises multiple opportunities to catch some of Tohoku’s finest traditional and contemporary art performances, as well as sparkling showers in the sky. 

When: Oct 8
Where: Takata Matsubara Sports Park, Iwate Prefecture

Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Festival

Originally held to celebrate the end of the harvest season, this event attracts pyrotechnicians from across the country aiming to win the grand prize for the most exquisite fireworks.

When: Nov 4
Where: Sakuragawa Riverside, Ibaraki Prefecture

Narita Fireworks Festival

Held over Lake Imaba, Narita Fireworks Festival is the first fireworks show in the world to win the prestigious Good Design Award — earned in part due to its breathtaking synchronization of music and light displays.

When: Nov 4
Where: Narita New Town Sports Square, Chiba Prefecture

Kawaguchi Fireworks Festival 

The third edition of one of Japan’s newest fireworks festivals takes place next to the Arakawa River and boasts a host of Japanese pop and rock medleys playing to the rhythm of the fireworks. 

When: Nov 11
Where: Arakawa Sports Park, Saitama Prefecture