No trip to Kagoshima is complete without a visit to the landmark Hotel Shiroyama.

Perched on a hill overlooking Kagoshima city and the mighty Mt. Sakurajima, this hotel should be at the top of your list when considering places to stay in Kyushu.

When the striking hotel opened its doors five decades ago Japan was a very different country, yet the trademark hospitality and tradition of high-quality service Shiroyama is famed for still remain today.

Tradition is also upheld through the hotel’s open-air spa onsen, which provides healing, mineral-rich waters for relaxation as well as relief of ailments such as joint pain, muscle stiffness, poor circulation, and general fatigue. The hot spring looks out across Kagoshima, offering superb views of the city as well as Sakurajima island, making your bathing experience even more satisfying. There’s also an indoor spa, a relaxation room, and an ion sauna where steam from a hot spring buried 1,000m below ground helps your body detox and leaves you with smooth and supple skin. For an extra charge, guests are also welcome to book a private soak in the Chartered bath, a luxurious onsen with a pretty courtyard view.


Standing 108 meters above sea level, Hotel Shiroyama offers some of the finest views of the internationally renowned Kinko Bay and its famous towering volcano, and has become the benchmark by which all of Kagoshima’s hotels are measured. The plateau Hotel Shiroyama is constructed on is the highest point in the city and is the same area of ground that was once called home by the legendary “Last Samurai” Takamori Saigo. Surrounded by woodlands and complete with fountains, gardens and natural springs, a visit here is truly relaxing and conjures up visions of the long-gone Shogun-era Japan.

Hotel Shiroyama can cater for everything from a family break to a high-end wedding service, and with 365 rooms to choose from there is something for every budget. The most expensive rooms face the bay and volcano and come at a premium; however, for a memorable stay, the views are utterly spectacular and worth every penny.

Eleven restaurants are available in the hotel including the vast breakfast hall, which offers a huge selection of both Western and Japanese food. We recommend the European inspired Holt garden restaurant.

Known locally for its extensive buffet, Holt serves 50 kinds of globally-inspired cuisine to scores of hungry diners each day. During lunch, the restaurant offers dishes from Korea, Thailand, Italy, India and dozens of other countries alongside locally produced Japanese dishes, fresh salads and fruit. For dinner, Holt’s chefs go all out, making a total of 80 dishes and unlimited drinks available for patrons.


Explore the hotel further and you will discover a dedicated sushi bar serving delicate locally caught seafood, a Cantonese restaurant serving sumptuous Chinese food and a Japanese restaurant set in the handsome surroundings of a traditional garden.

The hotel’s microbrewery produces a great selection of European-style beers including Belgian white beers and a London ale, inspired in part by the area’s long links to Britain. Next to the lobby a casual coffee lounge offers American-style sandwiches and Japanese favorites, making it the perfect place to plan your day out in Kagoshima.

For a business meeting, a family holiday or a romantic break, the scale and variety of Hotel Shiroyama offers something for almost any budget. Traveling to Hotel Shiroyama is easy thanks to close proximity to Kagoshima airport and direct trains to Osaka and beyond via the recently-completed high-speed Kyushu Shinkansen.

The hotel also runs a shuttle bus that connects to Kagoshima-Chuo Station (Central Station) and downtown Tenmonkan. The bus runs every 30 minutes and is very convenient those who want to explore the many restaurants, hot springs and sightseeing areas, or need to connect to Kagoshima airport.


A Land That Takes Its Time

Home to some of Japan’s most beautiful natural locations, Kagoshima Prefecture has long been an inspiration to writers, painters, and filmmakers. From the otherworldly forests of Yakushima to the imposing profile of the active volcano Sakurajima and the subtropical splendor of Amami Island, it’s a region that will take your breath away, time and time again.

The prefecture has also been a cultural and commercial crossroads for centuries, and there are Kagoshima traditions that come from as far away as England and as close as Korea.

These are just a few of the reasons why more and more people from around the world are drawn to an area that offers a chance to relax and the opportunity for adventure.


Flight Times to Kagoshima

From Tokyo: 1:45 | From Seoul: 1:30 | From Hong Kong: 2:45 | From Taipei Airport: 1:45 | From Shanghai: 1:45 From Singapore (via Fukuoka Airport): 5:45 | From Bangkok (via Fukuoka Airport): 5:00

Hotel Shiroyama Kagoshima
Shinshoincho 41-1
Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima-ken
+81 (0)99-224-2200

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