For anyone interested in traveling to Japan, indulging in the country’s unique hot springs culture is a must. Known as onsen, Japanese hot springs provide the ultimate in relaxation, with the steaming natural spring waters offering therapeutic benefits. There are endless options when it comes to a good hot spring in Japan, but some have historic reputations that simply can’t be unmatched.

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From Hakone to Beppu, here are some of the most beautiful locations to enjoy Japan’s hot springs culture.

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Kanagawa Prefecture

You needn’t look very far from Tokyo to get in on onsen fun. Kanagawa Prefecture is home to Tokyoites’ favorite getaway destination: Hakone. This small town offers sources in the form of both public baths and ryokan, in addition to great trails for the hikers out there. And if the outdoors aren’t your cup of tea, there plenty of museums too. Either way, you will be spoiled for choice when deciding which onsen suits you best.

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Gunma Prefecture

Gunma Prefecture is located only three hours away from Tokyo and really gives you the separation you need from the city. There are good hot springs all over the prefecture, but the one with the longest history is without a doubt Kusatsu. The yubatake, the eminent hot water field at the center of town, is the resort’s main source of hot spring water. This happens to be Japan’s most acidic, with a Ph level of 2.1. This also means the town smells just a tad of cooked eggs, but you quickly get used to it. Kusatsu also has a few good hidden gems in terms of restaurants.

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Shizuoka Prefecture

Shizuoka Prefecture is particularly rich in onsen towns. Home to the Izu Peninsula and Atami, there’s plenty of options, no matter if you’re going for a luxury hot spring experience or a close-to-nature one. With Mount Fuji straddling the border of Shizuoka, many visitors choose to relax in waters while taking in a commanding view of the sacred mountain. Meanwhile the prefecture also encompasses the shore of the picturesque Suruga Bay. Blue sea waters, Mount Fuji, it doesn’t get much more beautiful.

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Hyogo Prefecture

Located in central Japan, Hyogo Prefecture requires a little more planning to travel to if you don’t live in nearby Kobe. For those who want to experience outdoor bathing, however, there’s no better place. This also means that while you’re soaking, you can lay your eyes on the changing seasons: cherry blossoms in the spring and fall colors during October. The rare spring water found in Hyogo is also ideal for sake brewing, and some of Japan’s most tasty sake can be enjoyed here.

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Oita Prefecture

In eastern Kyushu is Oita Prefecture. Here you’ll find some of the best hot springs in western Japan, notably in Beppu. Boasting more than 100 public baths and enough hot spring water bubbling up from 2,700 different sources, what better place to immerse yourself in onsen culture than here? Travel to each nook and cranny of Oita Prefecture to fully explore and indulge in this incredible resource.


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