If you go down to Yoyogi Park tomorrow afternoon, you’re sure of an un-dead surprise.

Saturday May 12 is “Zombie Performance Unit” Zombiena’s Zombie Walking day. Enough of the Zs, what is it? Linking to the Cafe of the Dead and parties in the Zombie Shop, the performance collective’s blog describes the meet-up as a loosely-led stroll – with no eating or drinking allowed – around the park, dressed as zombies. Couldn’t be simpler.

They want to make more zombie friends, so all are welcome, but a costume – and we assume a healthy dose of makeup – is a must. There are only a few rules – perhaps the most important of which, “Don’t attack humans!,” is rather reassuring. The group will meet around 3 at the Harajuku entrance to the park.

If you are around Harajuku, you can, too, check out the Thai Festival – for over ten years a favourite for members of any community in Tokyo, foreign or local. Thai food, Thai crafts, Thai music and more Thai food are always a welcome addition to the festival space near the Gymnasium between Shibuya and Yoyogi.

Grab a beer (and some snacks!) and wander around taking it all in – you might not quite feel like you have left Japan but, especially if you like a bit of Saturday and Sunday spice, you will have a great time.

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