Two beer festivals in one weekend? Beer, and more beer!

This long weekend, say goodbye to the summer (and hopefully the everlasting heat) while guzzling a few pints under the September sun.

The Yebisu Beer Festival – those guys aught to know how to organise a party at a former brewery – is a 4-day event aiming to raise funds for the quake relief in Tohoku: all the proceeds from draft beer sales will be directed at the cause. Although the only type of beer they feature is Yebisu on tap, a new addition labeled “Cafe and Bar Corner” will serve iced coffee and a variety of cocktails and light snacks.

If you’re looking for a wider selection, hop on the train to Yokohama for the Great Japan Beer Festival, presented by the Japan Craft Beer Association. The entrance ticket provides you with a 50ml tasting glass, with which you can taste an unlimited amount of microbrews over the next three and a half hours. Over 200 varieties of beers are offered, and we’ve already spotted some of the list’s must-try/most curious flavours and undertones (see full listing here): goya, grapefruit, ume, blueberry, raspberry, nuts and apple to name a few.

Yebisu Beer Festival 

When: Sept. 14-17 (Sept. 14: 17:00-21:00, Sept. 15-17 11:30-21:00)

Where: Yebisu Garden Place (see map below)

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Great Japan Beer Festival

When: Sept. 15-17 (Sept. 15 14:30-18:00, Sept 16-17 12:30-16:30)

How much: ¥4,700 door ¥4,300 in advance

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