Tokyo Weekender Vol. 2 is now out and available at stockists around Tokyo. This issue’s cover star is the luminous Reiko McNish Sato, the designer and CEO behind Amateras. Her brand is known for synthesizing Japanese and Western influences, with beautiful garments and accessories that draw from traditional Japanese prints, motifs and color palettes, like kimono-inspired robes and modern geta sandals. More than just creating aesthetically appealing designs, she tells us, her ultimate goal is to advance a vision of modern Japan and serve as a role model for young Japanese women with ambition. 

Elsewhere in the magazine, we have a profile of Kana Kitty, a Butoh dancer who is re-inventing and re-invigorating the art form, and of Lee Chapman, a street photographer whose arresting and idiosyncratic images of daily Tokyo life engage with profound, existential questions about loss, grief and impermanence.

We have an interview with the sensualistic knit designer Kakan and a feature on the Kyoto-based Bunzaburo, a family-run business that started over a century ago as a kimono manufacturer and has since branched out into futuristic, avant-garde fabric creations. We sat down with the sculptor Heishiro Ishino, who creates almost impossibly intricate, fantastical beings from clay and traveled to Suzuka for the F1 Japanese Grand Prix. We also spoke to actor Takayuki Suzuki from Tokyo Vice and Kento Kaku from House of Ninjas.

Beyond that, we have our usual art, culture, music and travel recommendations. It’s a beautiful issue, bursting with creativity and adventure, and we’re thrilled to share it with you.

These articles will be appearing on the website over the next month, but in the meantime, you can read the entire issue here: