With locations across Japan, the b hotels provide comfortable spaces to stay that pursue design, functionality and comfort for everyone that is seeking a vibrant and exciting journey.

The b hotels’ response to the Covid-19 crisis

The b hotels consider the safety and wellbeing of their guests and employees to always be of utmost importance. As such, the hotels have implemented stringent precautionary hygiene measures, including the placement of hand sanitizers at check-in counters, wearing of masks by staff, setting up social distancing seals and infection prevention sheets on check-in counters, alcohol disinfectant in public areas, strengthening cleaning and sanitization of guest rooms and more.

More recently, the hotels have also introduced a special plan “the b monthly pass,” which allows guests to stay at the hotels for half or one month at highly reasonable costs. The rooms can be used by people who still need to travel for business, who can’t return home because of work, or those who need space for teleworking. The plan is valid until the end of June. 

For more information and reservations, see here. For a list of all the b hotels locations in Japan, see here

Message from the b hotels

“The Covid-19 outbreak has a direct impact on our private and social life. The whole world is facing a critical situation. We all know that the best way to control the virus is to stay at home. But in certain circumstances, we have to go and stay somewhere else. I think the b hotels will help you. Since the safety and wellbeing of our guests and team member is our top priority we have been practicing some countermeasures to avoid the ‘Three Cs,’ such as setting up social distancing seal and infection prevention sheet on checking counters, alcohol disinfectant in public areas, staff wearing masks, strengthening cleaning and sanitization of guest rooms and many more. We have a specific accommodation program named “the b monthly pass” where guests can stay half or one month in for low prices. Last but not the least — stay alert, we will beat the pandemic together.” 

— Pankaj Lohanee, Manager, the b roppongi