As if Fuglen could not get any cooler, it’s now proving it can do more than sell sleek furniture and serve some solid cocktails: welcome to Takashi Murakami’s Bar Zingaro.

Fuglen’s latest venture is a venue combining coffee, drinks, a bar and art all under the same roof. Artist Takashi Murakami is the artist behind this concept- and just like his famous prints (after all, he’s put his signature smiley faces, pandas and sakura on Louis Vuitton handbags), we have no doubts this space will be just as… colourful.

Another interesting aspect of this project is its location, right in the midst of subculture central Nakano Broadway. Bar Zingaro will serve as a meeting place and event space for the four Zingaro galleries already present in Nakano Broadway: Kaikai Zingaro, Hidari Zingaro, pixiv Zingaro and Oz Zingaro. And at the same time this new bar is opening, you can also catch the new Zingaro x Fuglen vintage design exhibit at the nearing Zingaro galleries, curated by Fuglen owner Peppe Trulsen and Zingaro.

The project is supported by Fuglen, which hails from Oslo, Norway. The Scandinavian cafe/cocktail bar/furniture showroom has been a hit with Tokyoites ever since it opened last year. Bar Zingaro will serve the same quality of refreshments, including some top quality coffee and crafted cocktails.

Just try to get there before the queues start forming…

Takashi Murakami’s Bar Zingaro

When: from November 2 (opening reception from 18:00 to 20:00)

Where: Nakano 5-52-15, Nakano Broadway (see map)

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