Stranger Things Season 4 almost broke Netlifx with a record number of viewers tuning in to watch the season finale. The show’s popularity in Japan has been driving multiple collaborations and themed merchandise, some available only in Japan. The Stranger Things Pronto café already has fans screaming with excitement, but there are even more Stranger Things Japan collabs available.

Fun fact: Stranger Things is inspired by several shows from pop culture, a few of which are Japanese anime.


Stranger Things Drinks

1. Stranger Things Café Shibuya

Open until September 4, Stranger Pronto in Shibuya is where Stranger Things fans can taste thematic food and drink in a café that almost looks like the show’s production set.

Many menu items are inspired directly by the show’s characters, such as Eleven’s beloved Eggo waffles. Then you have the “Demogorgon Roast Beef Pasta,” which is a tasty albeit gory representation of the show’s darker side. Some dishes, such as burgers and eggs and bacon on pancakes, are there for the classic American diner feel.

As for the drinks, you have the “Demogorgon Dark Side Mocha” and “Nancy’s Halloween Party Mocktail.” These are just two of the original beverages created for this café.

Note: You must make reservations in advance. 

stranger things japan collabs

2. Stranger Things Meets Famima Socks and Imabari Towel

Famima socks, by the convenience store franchise FamilyMart, were all the rage in 2021. Earlier this year, the brand came out with rainbow pride socks and now it’s going from queer to strange.

On July 12, two types of Stranger Things socks and one Imabari towel design went on sale at approximately 16,600 FamilyMart stores across Japan. The design plays with the show’s signature hues and dark retro-futuristic feel. The socks have the Stranger Things logo, while the little hand towel has a branded tag.

Both products are affordable. The socks retail for ¥429 (including tax) and the towel for ¥539 (including tax).

3. Stranger Things and Timex Watch

Timex, an American watchmaker, is collaborating with Netflix to release three Stranger Things-themed watch models in Japan. To stay true to the show’s aesthetic and story, Timex chose to redesign its Timex 80 (T80) and Atlantis watches that were popular in the 1980s.

One model has all the numbers upside down and under the UV light, the gaping toothy mouth of the Demogorgon monster appears. This watch is modeled after the one worn by Lucas Sinclair, one of the characters in the show. Another model is silver and red, with the silhouettes of the children on their bicycles. When you press the night mode button, the words “Stranger Things” appear. The alarm sound on this watch is from the show’s opening theme. The third model is inspired by Hopper, another of the main characters. It’s black and red and also has the show’s music as the alarm sound.

The price range of the three models is between ¥13,000 and ¥15,000. See more on the special collab website.

4. Stranger Things and MAC Cosmetics

The make-up and cosmetics giant MAC has created two Stranger Things-themed make-up sets. The “Hawkins Class of 1986” set proudly displays Hawkins High School colors and the tiger mascot. The eye shadow palette is in a green case and has popping fun disco colors and a classic ’80s aesthetic. The brushes, lip gloss and pink blush also feature the school prominently.

The other make-up set named “The Void” is all about the grittier darker Upside Down world. The eye shadow palette has darker dramatic colors, the make-up brush is bloodred and black, the blush is dark red and the lip gloss comes in yellow, red and pitch black.

You can buy the make-up in the MAC stores or online.

5. Stranger Things and Yohji Yamamoto’s S’yte Brand

The famous Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto teamed up with Netflix back in December 2021 for a dark and stylish collection. The dark colors and asymmetric cuts are true both to the S’yte brand and the Stranger Things aesthetic. The jackets, hoodies and shorts boast original illustrations and collages depicting Demogorgons, the Upside Down world, sensory deprivation tanks and other iconic imagery from the show.

Check out the whole collection and price on the official website.

6. Stranger Things and Quiksilver Sportswear

The Quiksilver and Netflix costume teams have worked closely together over the last three years. Quicksilver dug up and revived iconic items from the ’80s and created a capsule collection that consumers can buy and wear in their daily lives. It’s like inconspicuous cosplay. It consists of five capsule collections: “1986,” “Hellfire Club,” “Lenora Hills” and “Surfer Boy Pizza.”

This collection is available worldwide.

7. Stranger Things and X-Girl Apparel

X-Girl is a streetwear brand that has collaborated with Netflix on several original hoodies and T-shirts with the Stranger Things logo and imagery. The item that stands out the most from the collection is a set of trousers and a jacket that harks back to the first season of the show. The set is covered in Christmas lights which were an important plot point in the first season.

See more on X-Girl’s official website.

8. Stranger Things and Green Parks Apparel

This store caters to adolescents offering T-shirts with Stranger Things prints, bandanas and caps. Some of the imagery is from the show, while some are original graphics created for the brand.

Check out their website for more details.

9. Stranger Things and Zone Energy Drink: Mystery Game Campaign

This last one is for those who can read Japanese. The energy drink Zone has created a campaign in which there are mysteries to solve and a lottery for getting limited-edition Stranger Things merchandise. The mystery is supervised by Ryogo Matsumaru, the most prominent creator in the genre. It’s divided into three chapters. The first started on July 5, the second on July 12 and the third is on July 19. They all end on July 31, just a minute before midnight.

Check the official website and official Twitter on how to enter. (Only available in Japanese).