The Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory is located in the Sunshine City office and shopping complex near Ikebukuro Station. Aside from a stunning view of the entire capital and beyond, the Observatory is also where visitors can experience various attractions and special events. Also in the same building are the famous Sunshine Aquarium, a beautiful aquarium which occupies the top two floors of the building, a variety of cafés and restaurants and many shops. It’s a lovely place to visit at any given time of the year!

Sunshine 60 Observatory’s Response to the Covid-19 Crisis

In addition to basic hygiene measures, such as wearing masks for all staff, disinfection of all facilities, setting partitions in front of all counters and registers and ventilations, the facility has also temporarily suspended its VR attractions at Sunshine 60 Observatory and has limited the capacity of people on elevators for the time being.

Message from Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory

“The Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory is a place that offers an ‘experience-type’ of a panoramic viewing of the city — here you can enjoy a variety of attractions at 251-meters above sea level while looking at Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Skytree and other landmarks. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy both during the day and at night! We look forward to welcoming you again!”

— Tatsuki Miura, Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory supervisor