Since its foundation in 1992, Ritzwell, an award-winning leading Japanese manufacturer of upholstered furniture, has been focusing its efforts into crafting “Made in Japan” superior quality furniture. Ritzwell designs combine a balanced, simple form with all the beauty and grace of the materials, ensuring the utmost comfort for the eye and mind. The company’s vision embodies the belief that furniture is built alongside its craftsmen and owners who together transform a single piece of furniture into a timeless affectionate memory. To make this happen, Ritzwell’s artisans spare no effort into building the furniture that provides its owners comfort, aesthetics and long-lasting memories.

Ritzwell’s Response to the Covid-19 crisis

Following the declaration of the national state of emergency in April, all Ritzwell staff, aside from factory employees, continued working from their homes to ensure their and customers’ safety and wellness. Business trips to other prefectures had been suspended.

While before the spread of the coronavirus Ritzwell had never provisioned the need for teleworking, believing that there will be a general demand for it in the future, the company was quick to switch their mindset and provide necessary telework infrastructure for its employees. Even after the state of emergency was lifted in late May, the company is still supporting teleworking to help release their employees’ stress.

However, as a furniture company, Ritzwell still needs to keep the business running by displaying their products to customers. The company maintained its showrooms closed during the state of emergency, but have now reopened and are welcoming customers on a prior reservation basis. Since visitations are now solely based on advanced reservations, Ritzwell can ensure customers’ safety and relaxation while browsing and taking their time to see, feel and test the products.

Ritzwell has also launched virtual showrooms for customers who would instead browse through the furniture from their homes.

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Message from Ritzwell

“Furniture is an essential, natural part of our lives and everyday lifestyle. Furniture is built to please the eyes and the mind alike; it is a natural element of our existence that balances beauty and functionality. Furniture is — and should be — something that we grow fond of throughout the years; something that we build memories with as we grow older. My most sincere wish is that our products can provide you the comfort and ease of mind you need the most — especially in critical and challenging times like now.” 

— Shinsaku Miyamoto, Creative Director & Product Designer, Ritzwell