Miss International crown holder Ikumi Yoshimatsu has filed a criminal complaint against a top agency executive for harassing her after she refused to sign with a major talent agency.

The Japanese model-turned-beauty queen tearfully told reporters Monday that she will not make her final walk and she will hand over her crown during the coronation of this year’s Miss International after being barred from the ceremony in Tokyo.

She has filed a criminal complaint against the executive alleging obstruction of business, stalking, intimidation and extortion. The man was “an influential figure in the media and entertainment industries” and had threatened sponsors and shareholders.

“Harassment and intimidation from one man has deprived me of the role of Miss International,” she said on her Facebook page.

“We have tried to endure this situation patiently, but the acts have escalated.”

Eiichi Masunaga, an official at the International Culture Association, the beauty contest’s operator, confirmed they have asked Yoshimatsu not to attend because they don’t want the controversy to overshadow the event.

Although she didn’t name the executive during the press conference, the beauty queen last week filed criminal and civil charges against Genichi Taniguchi, accusing him of attempting to ruin her career.

She claimed Taniguchi had “forced his way” into her dressing room and tried to abduct her shortly after walking away with the crown in December last year.

“Since then, he has intimidated my family, sent private detectives to my home, tried to extort money from me and my company, slandered me in the press and has made threatening calls to my family, sponsors and business associates,” Yoshimatsu said after filing the charges, as quoted by The Japan Times.

Taniguchi was allegedly angered when Yoshimatsu refused to sign a contract with an agency linked with Burning Productions, Japan’s most powerful agency. Yoshimatsu has set up her own firm since.

In a phone interview, Taniguchi denied the allegations and said he holds no grudges against the beauty queen. He said he was not aware of the charges against him.

By Maesie Bertumen

Image: foxnews.com