Saturday 25th June, Makuhari Messe / MTV

MTV Video Music Aid Japan, will hit the giant Makuhari Messe arena in Chiba and Lady Gaga, who will release her “Born This Way,” album in Japan on May 23rd, is the first performer to be announced. The tenth annual MTV Video Music Awards Japan (VMAJ) is being staged as a live international music television event to benefit the Japanese Red Cross. The event will be hosted by Japanese pop sensation AKB48 and will feature live performances from international, regional and Japanese artists, the show will be the culmination of MTV Japan’s “Music of Hope” campaign, the channel’s response to the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.  Designed to “inspire and rally young people” to contribute time or funds to recovery and rebuilding efforts, Music of Hope will feature inspirational music videos, live performances, artist interviews, exclusive news and stories about artists and young people who have been impacted by the disaster.