Kamogawa Sea World, one of Japan’s leading aquariums, is located in the city of Kamogawa in Chiba Prefecture, an area known for its abundant greenery and splendid views of the ocean. It is operated by Granvista Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd, a leading Japanese hospitality firm.

Address: 1464-18 Higashi-cho, Kamogawa, Chiba 296-0041
Tel: 04-7093-4803
Web: www.kamogawa-seaworld.jp/english

Kamogawa Sea World’s Response to COVID-19

This April, Kamogawa Sea World and Kamogawa Sea World Hotel took the difficult decision to temporarily close its doors to visitors in response to the request by the Governor of Chiba Prefecture to the public to refrain from making unnecessary trips outside their homes amid the fast-spreading coronavirus outbreak.

In a bid to reach out to its loyal customers and fans of marine life, Kamogawa Sea World has established a ticket-return policy. All customers who had purchased tickets to the aquarium in advance can claim a refund. Please refer to this website for more details (Japanese language only).

Furthermore, in a bid to keep its customers and marine animals connected through these challenging times, Kamogawa Sea World is also regularly streaming videos of its aquariums. You can watch them on the park’s official Facebook page here. Please stay connected with the marine world online while the staff at the park impatiently wait for your return once the pandemic is over.

For more about Kamogawa Sea World, see their official website at www.kamogawa-seaworld.jp/english

A message from Kamogawa Sea World

“I would like to express my most sincere sympathy to all patients who have contracted the novel coronavirus. I am also extending my deepest gratitude to the medical staff who are tirelessly working to support us at this challenging time.

Kamogawa Sea World is currently temporarily closed, but our marine animals and we sincerely hope that we can enjoy your presence again soon.  

On this coming October 1st, Kamogawa Sea World will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. We hope to continue building on the legacy we have created up until now, strive to protect marine life, and become forerunners in leading the way for aquariums in Japan.”  

— Kamogawa Sea World General Manager | Shintaro Hirakawa