The University of Tsukuba’s new MBA in International Business

by Laura Fumiko Keehn

John Benson is a professor in Management and Chair of the Masters in Business Administration Program in International Business. Benson talks to the Weekender about this new MBA Program, which begins April of next year. The course is offered in English, and unique­ly among Japanese universities, hopes to see a 50 per­cent enrollment of foreigners and women.

Could you tell us about the internships or in-company projects included in the program?

The internship or in-company project will be con­ducted over 3 months and will allow students the op­portunity to analyze a business issue in an entirely new context or to address a problem in detail that they have confronted in their own organization. The academic staff will provide supervision and advice throughout this activity and students will be required to make a presentation to fellow students and staff.

How much is this program?

The fees for this program are set by the government and based on fees for 2005 are currently:
– Full-time (normally completed in one year): ¥802,800
– Part-time (normally completed in two years): ¥1,323,600

These fees are substantially lower than the interna­tional and private universities in Japan.

You mentioned that you would like to increase the percentage of non-Japanese and female students to 50 percent. Why is this?

Our aim is to provide international business education to practicing professionals working in Tokyo. Many women have had restricted opportunities to undertake such studies, as have many foreign business profes­sionals. We also recognize that the aims of the program are more likely to be met if our student population is more diverse. This allows many of the learning activi­ties which involve teamwork to be made up of teams that are more similar in composition to those found in international businesses.

Where are classes held?

The MBA Program in International Business is located at the Tokyo campus of the University of Tsukuba. All classes are held in the late afternoon or evening and on Saturdays.

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