Inspired by the rich world of kimono patterns, fascinating history, colors and tradition, Tokyo-based photographer Stasia Matsumoto created inKIMONO in November 2018 and opened a studio in Tokyo’s Asakusa district. The studio offers kimono experience with a professional street-style portrait photoshoot, accompanied with personalized styling ― Stasia will choose a full kimono outfit based on the customer’s personal style, favorite colors, style and other requests they may have.

In addition to styling and photography, Stasia also often adds historical and cultural background of kimono while dressing. She is a strong believer that knowing what we wear, where it came from and what’s the story behind it, makes us appreciate it more and get even closer to Japanese culture.

InKimono’s response to the Covid-19 crisis

With the significant decrease in inbound tourism and firmer stay-at-home policies in place, Stasia had to put her photography sessions to a halt for the season. Instead, during the self-isolation period, Matsumoto has been giving lectures on kimono history and theory online. While not a new service, she has found that especially at this time, it was something that many people enjoy. For fans of kimono or those who would like to learn more about the intricate process of dressing in the traditional Japanese garment, follow Stasia on Instagram and Twitter to be notified about her next lecture.

Message from INKIMONO

“I created INKIMONO to provide a new type of kimono experience, with fully personalised styling, an educational lecture on kimono and a professional photoshoot. During COVID-19 outbreak I focused on the educational part of my service and started offering online lectures for kimono enthusiasts around the world. I also decided to use this time to improve my offer — I updated my kimono collection, rearranged my studio and started new projects. The crisis taught me not to take things for granted and to always have a Plan B ready. Due to demand, I am now planning to offer off-line courses and lectures, soon I will launch an online shop with affordable vintage kimono pieces. Every cloud has a silver lining!” —  Stasia Matsumoto, Owner, InKimono