The Joy of Sake is an entire event dedicated to tasting Japan’s national drink, with 384 premium hand-selected samples to tempt your palate.

Representing all regions and brewing styles of Japan, The Joy of Sake organizes the world’s largest tastings outside of Japan—and after touring the world, their final pit stop is Tokyo. The organization holds events throughout the year, in the belief that the best way to learn about sake is through actual tasting experiences—which seems a fair point.

This year, in addition to their exhaustive selection of the beverage, they will be featuring appetizers from 14 top Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese restaurants, in case all that sake makes your stomach growl. As you sway to the live Hawaiian music (the Joy of Sake’s first event was held in Honolulu), you might even catch a glimpse of the newly crowned Miss Sake . . .

Attendees will be able to savor samples of their selection, such as the fragrant and fruity daiginjo or the smooth, earthy junmai. Interestingly, for the first time in its 13-year history, one junmai and one ginjo achieved perfect scores from all 10 judges at the US National Sake Appraisal, a professional blind-tasting contest.

This time, The Joy of Sake will be held in the penthouse “Tokubetsu Hall” of the TOC Building, near Gotanda Station, so you can expect a spectacular city view.

The Joy of Sake

When: Thursday Nov. 7, 18:00–21:00

Where: TOC Building, near Gotanda station (see map)

How much: ¥8,000 (click here to purchase online)

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