We’re back! At last, we have recovered from our Golden Week hurrahs, and cleared off our desks to bring you another edition of The Weekend(er).

From galleries (photographs, ceramics, AND sculptures), to the usual festivals and markets, there is plenty to do this weekend – so no excuses this time! Wander the park with your pet, jog with friends and competitors in the evening, dance well into morning, or head outside and enjoy the city for all that it has to offer. This is what living in Tokyo’s all about, isn’t it? See you on the other side…


The Wave, 2015 © Ville Andersson

Ville Andersson: An Introduction

To say Ville Andersson is a fan of blacks, whites, and greys is an understatement. Take a look at his photographs and fine art yourself, and see what you can make of his abstract pieces and illusions. Ending this weekend – it’s your last chance!

big river

Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The Broadway hit is being transformed and brought to the Tokyo stage by the famed Tokyo Players group. This weekend, the several back-to-back shows will bring audiences deep into the South, and into Mark Twain’s world. Follow Huckleberry Finn around on his rambunctious adventures, sharing a laugh with your seat neighbors.


Journey to the End of the Night: Heroes and Villains

Are you fit and up for an evening challenge? Become a “hero” or a “villain” in this ultimate 9-km race through Tokyo’s streets. This huge tag-like running game will be starting off Kiyosumi Park, and participants will be competing for prizes throughout the night. Tread lightly, and be quick on your feet, before you’re caught!


Sanpo in the Park 2016

Here’s one for the dogs! Bring along your pooch to Yoyogi Koen for a morning walk around the park and picnic into the afternoon. Dog Shelter Tokyo is looking to raise awareness and donations to support non-kill shelters and find homes for dogs all around Tokyo. A great event that gets all of our tails wagging!


Cuba Japan Festival

Get a taste of Cuba post-embargo-lifting and overcome your major FoMO (looking at you, Americans), by learning more about the Cuban culture firsthand, through their music, food, and dance. On Saturday, you’ll be able to to participate in salsa workshops and try out all kinds of food, and on Sunday, you’ll be able to catch a monstrous lineup of music, even a fully-fledged orchestra from Cuba.



Bae Tokyo

This jam-packed night (and early morning) will be taken over by a troupe of all-female DJs and musicians. In an attempt to emerge more prominently on a male-dominated music scene, these talented Tokyo women will be keeping the beats going all night long; come by and support with your friends and other fans!


Tokyo Coffee Festival 2016

Bypass your neighborhood coffee joint and make your way to UNU’s weekend Farmer’s Market to join other coffee lovers at a haven just for them. With over 50 “mom and pop”–type coffee shops and cafes pouring cups of hot and iced coffees, coffee drinkers will be unleashed to find their new go-to in the morning. The usual workshops and activities will be tucked inside the courtyard for more fun!

Raizan Yasunaga

Raizan Yasunaga: Recent Works

For this weekend only, stop by the White Space Gallery for a look at Kyushu ceramic artist Yasunaga’s latest pieces. Both of his traditional and slightly alternative works are both fascinating, and not to be missed.


International Spy Party

Come dressed to impress – kinda – at this spy-themed dance party out in Setagaya. The bar will be full of shaken cocktails, and the dance floor filled with long coats and mustaches. Mingle with other local partiers, and meet new faces at this costume party.



Tokyo Fashion Professionals Workshop

Are you an aspiring model or photographer, looking to get tips form fashion industry experts? For just ¥1000, you can join in this short weekend workshop with model and photographer veterans at Studio Arufu. Sip some wine and try on form Tuli jewelry while you’re there, and take some test shots and newfound knowledge home with you.


Sato Haguri – Manimani

For our last recommendation: a sculpture exhibit. These wooden crafts by Haguri are whimsical and child-like, bringing joy to those who pass by. Award-winning in design and originality, will love gazing at the compelling pieces, crafted over several years to put together this collection.

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