Photography and home design from South Africa in Tokyo…

Specialising in food, interiors, portraits and documentary style advertising, South African artist Clinton Friedman has a deep connection with nature, which is revealed in his bold, honest photos and prints. One of his aims is to encourage people to grow more conscious of nature, which is clearly represented in his own affection towards his subject matter.

Although he’s based in South Africa, Friedman has collaborated with international clients, including American contemporary furniture and housewares shop West Elm, for which he created an exclusive collection. The photographer doubles as a home designer, adorning otherwise mundane household items with his eye-catching prints. You can see his home decor prints here.

This upcoming exhibit will showcase his limited edition botanical flower photographic prints, as well as scatter cushions and umbrellas. Also, don’t miss the chance to meet the artist in person, as he’ll be speaking briefly about his work at the opening reception on April 5, from 19:30.

Clinton Friedman

When: April 6-25, 10:00-18:00

Where: Subject Matter Art Gallery (see map)

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