Chinese outcries filled social networks after a former deputy director of the Communist Party was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing underage girls in the city of Henan.

Li Xingong was suspected of using his authority to abuse ten underage girls while they were undergoing police interrogation. Some claimed he sexually assaulted 40 girls.

Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, were filled with outraged comments saying that the leader deserves immediate death and condemned leaders as “filthy, corrupt, evil officials”. Authorities in Henan stated that the case will be investigated “without leniency”.

Li follow suit among controversial leaders, igniting the political confusion now enveloping the Chinese government as its once-in-a-decade leadership transition approaches.

Weibo and the internet has given voice to Chinese civilian population, stirring up debate on the country’s situation, and provoking the thoughts of its people. The arrest took place amidst the removal of railway minister Liu Zhijun from his post for corruption scandals.