Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng was named men’s magazine GQ’s rebel of the year, earning the title after his plight was highlighted when he sought refuge in the US embassy in Beijing after claiming that the Chinese government was after him.

The dissident described the challenges of adapting life in New York, where he is currently living with his wife and kids, AFP reports.

“My children were really excited to come to New York, but my wife and I knew there would be a lot to study and learn, and there was a lot to consider,” Mr. Chen said.

Mr. Chen asked to leave the country believing that his family’s life was in danger. He left for New York after Washington invited him to study there, a move that possibly ended the diplomatic controversy that had damaged US-China relations.

He was jailed for campaigning against forced abortions, making him one of China’s best-known activists.

“Do I have any regrets? No. What is there to regret? … I don’t while away my time with regrets, just like I don’t worry about danger in China,” he added.