A new video has been released showing the moment when 15 centimeter thick aquarium glass suddenly gave way in Shanghai on December 19, resulting in an explosion of water and sharks that completely flooded part of a shopping center.

No people were killed in the accident but three lemon sharks – which can grow to three meters long – as well as dozens of smaller fish and turtles which had been inside the 7-meter-long, 3-meter-high aquarium became victims of the incident.

CCTV footage shows the moment shoppers, just a few steps from the tank at the The Shanghai Orient Shopping Center, were suddenly overcome with a flood of water and fish. Flying glass caused many injuries, but a police spokesperson cited by the Austrian Times said he could not give further details while they were investigating.

There was speculation that a sudden drop in temperature caused the glass to crack and give way. There were also calls to investigate whether the accident was related to an incident in June, when a ruptured water pipe led to the death of two sharks and the removal of several turtles.