China is in its hottest summer in over 140 years, with temperatures surpassing 38 degrees Celsius in July and one reporter providing perhaps unnecessary proof by cooking fried bacon on the Shanghai sidewalk.

The ‘ingenious’ Chinese reporter took advantage of the latest heatwave; temperatures surpassed 38 degrees Celsius across Shanghai on Wednesday, peaking at 39.8 C in the central Xuijahui district in the afternoon.

In the footage taken by a Shanghai TV station, the reporter placed a pan with the thin slice of pork on top of marble walkways in the city. After just 10 minutes, the pork was about 80% cooked through.

That could serve as a warning for residents to stay off the streets, though.

The relentlessly high temperatures have caused a rise in heatstroke patients, health officials said. More than 10 people have died in the heat, and reports say over 30% of patients treated for heat-related illnesses were hit while staying indoors, likely due to a lack of air-conditioning.

China’s Meteorological Administration warned that temperatures could reach 41 C in several areas, including eastern Chinese provinces Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejian and Jiangxi, central provinces Hunan and Hubei, Chognqing and Fujian.

by Maesie Bertumen

Image: Gavin Tapp