The Shoot Boxing Battle Summit—Ground Zero Tokyo 2013 on Saturday, November 16, brings together some of the biggest names in the fighting world for a bloody showdown at the Ryogoku sumo stadium. For those who are not familiar with this particular league, shoot boxing (SB for short) is a type of kickboxing that allows judo-like throws for additional points as well as standing submissions.

This event will feature some of the kickboxing world’s biggest names, including Andy Souwer, K-1 cosplay superstar Jienotsu Nagashima and Shoot Boxing champion Shishido. In addition to the S-Cup tournament, there is a tournament that will require the winner to best four fighters in a row.

Shoot Boxing Battle Summit

How much: From ¥3,000 a person for standing seats to ¥30,000 for VIP seats—check their site for more information (Japanese only).

When: Venue opens at 12:00. An amateur event starts at 12:10, and the main event begins at 15:30.

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