Traveling and moving disrupts your life in both good and bad ways. A common gripe among expats is how your hair throws a tantrum when you wash it with unfamiliar water and new shampoo. Another emerging issue is how to be eco abroad – not an easy feat when there are language and culture hurdles on the way. In creating the Luvhair shampoo, Luv Waves of Materials has managed to offer a solution to both of these complaints in one fell swoop. 

The Shampoo for Everyone 

While creating different products for different hair types and purposes has been the mainstream movement so far, Luv Waves of Materials went in the other direction to create a universal shampoo. Created in collaboration with Kento Mihata, an award-winning hairstylist, Luvhair is literally the answer to Mihata’s customers’ hair issues. In his hair salon called Sheta, in Omotesando, he was working on the shampoo formula through trial and error, fine-tuning it after every bit of feedback from regular patrons who agreed to test it on themselves. What he ended up with was a soft and delicate product that has an unassuming natural wood-scent, suitable for all hair types and all ages. The science behind the product is that its amino acid-derived cleaning ingredients remove grease while not damaging the hair and scalp. In addition to the shampoo, there is also a Luvhair conditioner for that extra smoothness. 


Eco to the Last drop 

Self-care and pampering is one aspect of Luvhair, and caring for the environment is the other focus. Doing as much or as little as you can to reduce environmental damage has been a global trend that shows no signs of stopping. The maker of Luvhair is dedicated to giving customers eco-friendly options so they partnered with Loop. Loop works with many companies across the world to create sustainable environmentally friendly packaging. They took inspiration from the refillable packaging practices from the past, and modernized the process to fit today’s lifestyles. Just like your grandparents returned the glass bottle to the milkman who refilled and delivered it the week after, you can get your Luvhair shampoo bottle refilled. When you order your second shampoo, your empty glass bottle will be picked up as the new one is delivered. If you shop in Aeon stores, just bring the empty bottle with you and put it in the special Loop collection box. Finally, the plastic pump is recyclable, so using this product generates nearly zero waste.

The eco-friendliness goes beyond just the packaging. Luvhair is produced in CS Lab in Gunma Prefecture – a new and sustainable production plant running on solar energy. The company is also dedicated to achieving Sustainable Development Goals, aiming for employment diversity and work style reforms. Luv Waves of Materials also collaborates with Syncom Agritech, a new Japanese start-up that aims to become the agricultural version of “Doctors Without Borders”, helping farmers from developing countries and areas.

Where Can You Get Luvhair?

Luvhair is the first product by Luv Waves of Materials in Japan, starting sales in 2021. Currently, you can pre-register for the product in advance. You can get it in Aeon supermarkets, as well as via shopping online at Aeon Net Super and Loop Japan. For now, Luvhair is exclusively available only in Japan, mainly in Tokyo and only in Aeon, but they are planning to eventually become more widely available domestically and internationally.

Other products are in the pipeline, such as jam and oil, so the company hopes Luvhair is just the start of making the Japanese market more eco-friendly. 

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