Children’s Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the little ones — and thanking them for being a great reason to get a day off work.

As we look forward to the holiday on May 5, we’ve also been keeping an eye out for gifts and treats to celebrate the occasion. A feast for both the eyes and the tastebuds, Le Tao’s Children’s Day Sweet Box features three partitions full of tasty treats: there’s the Kumataro Chocolat Double, which has a smooth and creamy layer of mascarpone cheese on top of a deep, 66% cacao chocolatey base; then there’s the Koinobori Roll, (in the shape of a carp streamer usually hung outside houses of people with sons), which is a sumptuous berry delight with both strawberry cream and strawberry mousse, and last but not least is a selection of dacquoise dessert cakes, as well as warabi mochi with kinako and brown sugar powders.

If this seems a tad on the luxurious side, you’re not wrong. This sweet tooth’s delight comes with a price tag of ¥6,000, and we’re sure no one would judge you if you kept this delectable box set for yourself.

The sweets box is on sale now, but you’ll have to put your order in quickly, as there are only 300 of these available. You can order your very own Children’s Day Sweets Box on Le Tao’s website.