Perhaps green tea and strawberry are a natural and good variation of the traditional chocolate Kit Kat, but recently at the my local combini, I saw something weird: Ginger Ale flavored Kit Kat. I had to buy it just to try and just as strange as it sounded, it tasted even stranger.

If you have never tasted these flavored Kit Kats, you might assume that they are chocolate with flavored cookie inside, but rather the candy chocolate is flavored, so in this case the Kit Kat was made up of ginger ale flavored chocolate. The result was a fusion of lemony chocolate and did not sit well with my taste buds.

Here are some other Kit Kats I have tried in Japan and they have been much more enjoyable and yummy.


This mango Kit Kat was quite nice and was available in the summer. As you can see they also had the traditional chocolate Kit Kats mixed in this bag of fun.

They royal guard drinking tea on the left and the tartan pattered box made this royal milk tea Kit Kat a must try. This one was actually a great flavor, tasting exactly like a cup of royal milk tea. If you want to be even more adventurous, head to Narita airport to try even stranger flavors only available at duty free shops or the airport combinis. I recently saw flavors like sweet potato and sweet corn and somewhere out there, there is an apple vinegar flavored Kit Kat.

–by Rebekah Chan