Soft-serve ice cream: delicious, but dangerous.

There’s probably no one out there, after all, who doesn’t share that devastating childhood memory in which a nice scoop of soft-cream falls to the ground, leaving only a sad, empty cone in its wake.

That’s not a problem with Sof, the new soft-serve ice cream from Akagi Nyugyo, which comes in a colorful, near drop-proof cup.

Still not convinced? Perhaps an old man’s head attached to a female body dancing to 80s hit “Uu fu fu fu” will change your mind.

The soft-serve ice cream comes in two classic flavors, vanilla and chocolate, both made from rich milk produced in Hokkaido. Mirroring the company’s vision of creating “playful” products, Akagi suggests additional ways to fully enjoy the treat, like defrosting it for a tender texture, drizzling a little bit of coffee on top, using your favorite toppings like chocolate sauce or maple syrup, or even dipping some chips in to indulge in a salty-sweet experience.

Or, you know, swap bodies and do some dancing.


For more details on this cute dessert perfect to grab on the go, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only)