2021 will mark seven delicious decades of softcream culture in Japan, since the company Nissei introduced the dessert to the nation. The culture is one that’s evolved from luxurious fad to nostalgic reminder of childhood to symbol of love – not to mention a reason to travel and explore Japan.
It’s all about the swirling pour and seasonal flavors. Melon, persimmon, black sesame or the classic vanilla and chocolate — the list of flavors is endless. You’ve probably tasted it on most of your trips throughout Japan and bought yourself a couple at your local cafes, but how well do you know the history of this favorite Japanese treat?
As we prepare to celebrate 70 delicious years since the birth of softcream culture in Japan, we put together a fun-fact snapshot of all-you-need-to-know softcream trivia.

Fun Fact #1

Cremia is Japan’s creamiest softcream, with 12.5% milk fat content and unique cone. This new premium product was launched in 2013.

Fun Fact #2

There are 500-plus flavors of softcream in Japan. There are so many that Nissei stopped counting at 500.

Fun Fact #3

July 3 is Softcream Day in Japan, officially designated in 1990 as a nod to the success of softcream sales at an American Independence Day pre-event in 1951.

Fun Fact #4

There were three significant booms of softcream throughout Japan’s history. The first was in 1954, a few years after softcream was introduced in Japan and Nissei’s first factory in Osaka opened. The second was in 1970 after softcream was sold at the Osaka Expo, which was visited by people from all over Japan. The third was in the late 1990s when softcream began to be sold by many shops across the country and with the creation of unique local flavors.

Fun Fact #5

Nissei is the first company to sell softcream in Japan and the main player in the country’s softcream business. Today, Nissei makes 70% of all cones in Japan, 65% of all softcream
freezers in Japan and 55% of all softcream mix in Japan.

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