This week marks our last Shop Japan roundup of the summer. We’ve kept the best for last: Below are some of our favorite Japanese snacks, tea and sake made right here in Japan with only the best of ingredients.

1. YAKITOHSHI baked fish paste by Wadahachi Kamaboko Seizo Co., Ltd.

`Used as a main dish or entrée, this baked fish paste is made by grounding fish fillet with a stone mill, a long-held tradition.

¥864–¥3,780. Buy here.

2. Taberin by SUGISEIKA Co., Ltd.

An assorted selection of senbei crackers with eight flavors including grilled shrimp, umami onion, roasted brown rice and octopus, plus a secret sauce.

¥730–¥3,240. Buy here.

3. Yunohana senbei by Hinodeyaseika Co., Ltd.

Produced with a method and design faithful to tradition, this senbei rice cracker now features augmented reality packaging that allows you to visit the hot springs town of Yunoyama Onsen.

¥850–¥3,000. Buy here.


These natural senbei rice crackers are made using rice grown in Niigata, hand-pressed one by one and flavored with local vegetables and fruits, producing the “world’s thinnest white rice chip.”

¥378–¥1,242. Buy here.

5. Pork Jerky by A&V Project Co., Ltd.

Featuring high-class red wine pork and black pepper pork, this pork jerky series may reinvent the notion that people have of traditional jerkies.

¥650. Buy here.

6. SENKA NO IRODORI Dried Fruits by YARNHOUSE Co., Ltd.

These select dried fruits preserve the natural sweetness, tartness, richness and aroma of apples, oranges, kiwis and strawberries produced by Japan’s domestic farmers.

¥800–¥1,400. Buy here

7. FUNAGUCHI Sake-Kasu Brioche by KIKUSUI SAKE CO., LTD.

Made using high-quality sake lees, this delicious, canned brioche is rich in umami flavor and can be stored for up to three and a half years.

¥648. Buy here.

8. Gift from Ihatov by Iwate Milk Co., Ltd.

Fermented at a low temperature, this symbiotic yoghurt has a moderately sour taste, firm texture and myriad health benefits.

Price on request. Learn more.

9. HYAKUJURO Junmai Daiginjo New moon by Hayashi Honten Co., Ltd.

Brewed from ultra-soft, Japan Alps-sourced water, this sake is to be drunk during a new moon when wishes are heard and dreams come true.

¥3,300. Buy here.

10. Inishie no Bishu by Takumi Sousei Inc.

Try rare and valuable aged sake that stands the test of time. Expect a multitude of delicious flavors from 42 breweries nationwide.

¥11,000–¥110,000. Buy here.

All featured products are part of Omotenashi Selection, a project that brings together fine handcrafted items from around Japan and shares them with international audiences. Browse the full Summer 2021 brochure by clicking the image below.