Opened at the beginning of August, Mezzo is a stylish, upscale bar in the heart of Roppongi that is known as a “warming up bar” because it’s ideal for some drinks after dinner or maybe a few before hitting the town properly.

Either way it is definitely worth a visit, particularly the first floor. This part of the bar is open for everyone and has a number of high quality drinks that are all reasonably priced. We started with some champagne, first featuring shine muscat grapes, then with strawberries. They also have fresh bellinis and mimosas if you’d prefer. After the champers, it was time for some fruit sours, including some pineapple and watermelon. All the fruit-flavored drinks are quite healthy as they use natural fruits with no sugar. There is also the option of Yebisu draft beer, Japanese whisky or some soft drinks.


The interior on the first floor is very swanky with LED lighting that can change the color and mood of the bar. In the corner is a DJ booth. Despite having only opened a few weeks ago, the place has already attracted many highly respected names in the industry including Dee Montero, resident DJ at some of Ibiza’s top clubs such as Cafe Mambo, Pacha and Amnesia. A good sound system means it should never be loud enough to disrupt your conversation.


Welcome to the VIP lounge

The volume of the music is the same on the second floor. This is where the VIP section is located and it requires a pin number to enter. You don’t have to be an important person to drink up there, just be willing to pay the table charge. It is ¥5,000 yen per table so it is better to go in groups. Here you can enjoy a much wider selection of drinks and if you really feel like splashing the cash you can fork out for the Armand de Brignac Rose champagne at 240,000 yen a bottle. The food menu, which includes some A5 grade wagyu steak, is only for VIP customers.

We’d recommend the second floor if you are planning to spend the whole night at Mezzo, otherwise the first floor is probably a better bet.

For Roppongi Mezzo map and contact details, click here.