Rice bowls like gyudon, oyakodon and tendon are some of the most popular dishes to eat for a quick lunch around town. Meet kaisendon, the fresh seafood equivalent and yet another in the line-up of traditional Japanese donburi. These bowls usually consist of rice, regular or vinegared, topped with a variety of raw seafood. Some ingredient variations can include marinated fish and cooked toppings too. Here are a few kaisendon specialty stores in Ebisu to try.

1. Minato Shokudo Kaisendon

Right next to Ebisu Station is Minato Shokudo Kaisendon, a small eatery with a variety of seafood on its menu. Customers peruse a vending machine with pictures of the different kaisendon options to choose from, making ordering an easy process even if you can’t read or speak Japanese. Teishoku sets are also available with sashimi, grilled fish and simmered seafood as the main dish option.

Where: 1-8-14 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku


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2. Uotake

Swing by Uotake for lunch or dinner and be treated to seafood cooked almost any way you like. Their main kaisendon toppings change often as it takes advantage of what’s available for the season. A hot tip is to order raw prawns where possible as they are known to be very sweet here. Their ikura is also perfectly briny and always comes in generous portions.

Where: 2-24-6 Higashi, Shibuya-ku


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3. Don Maru

This takeaway chain operates in many neighborhoods, including an Ebisu outpost. Don Maru is incredibly popular for the freshness of their seafood bowls and affordability with prices starting as low as ¥500. Choose from more than 18 different menu items including a maguro tuna bowl, a baradon (variety bowl) and salmon negitoro don. You can build your own with extra toppings. For those who would prefer not to venture out, check your most convenient meal delivery app as Don Maru is often listed there as well.

Where: 1-10-5 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku


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4. Totoya

Run by owner and chef Masuda-san, Totoya is a restaurant focused on seafood, seasonality and craftsmanship. Stop by for lunch to have their maguro tsukedon, a spin on the classic tuna bowl where the raw fish has been marinated, imbuing a deeper flavor. Or opt for a negitoro don with minced tuna, spring onions and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Other strong recommendations include their mixed sashimi platter and anago oshizushi, a type of pressed sushi with grilled saltwater eel.

Where: 1-33-8 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku


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5. Mitsuhashiya

With opening hours from around 3pm until 11:15pm, Mitsuhashiya is a midday to evening affair, perfect if you’re feeling peckish around late afternoon. There’s plenty of seafood available with everything ranging from raw and grilled to deep-fried. Their negitoro don teishoku comes at the very affordable price of ¥880 and includes cold tofu, miso soup and pickles. Mitsuhashiya is a place to linger a little longer and eat slowly while indulging in their extensive menu of small plates.

Where: 1-1-12 Ebisuminami, Shibuya-ku

6. Sushi Ebisu

Don’t let its unassuming name fool you, Sushi Ebisu is an innovative spin on the classic izakaya with a seafood slant. The kaisendon to get here is the salmon ikura bowl that comes with a raw egg yolk for extra creaminess. If you’re stumped on what else to order, check out their ‘Popularity Ranking’ menu which lists the top eight most ordered dishes at Sushi Ebisu. Course menu options for larger groups are also available and include all the restaurant’s recommendations as well as a free-flow drinks plan. Guests are encouraged to enquire further during these times where alcohol consumption is limited.

Where: 4-9-5 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku