Coffee is a daily necessity for most of those at the Tokyo Weekender offices. Constantly creating a stream of content for public consummation sometimes needs a little extra fuel. For those days where a conbini brew just doesn’t cut it, we have a plethora of interesting cafés located around our Shinjuku HQ.

Eight Coffee

This small café near Shinjuku-gyoemmae Station is a little hard to find, but worth the search. Serving small cups of strong black coffee, caffe lattes and delicious homemade cookies, the café is often frequented by the TW writing staff. The store has a long solitude bench running along its wall for customers who want to sit and drink their coffee.

The long bench creates a great in-store environment and encourages conversation with other regular customers and first-timers to the café alike. The coffee beans are freshly milled before the coffee is brewed in order to create a cup of coffee with the maximum amount of flavor.

For lovers of a strong cup of coffee my recommendation is a café latte with an extra shot, it packs a powerful punch, but the coffee has a deep flavor great with paired with a little steamed milk.


Midori no Mame

Midori no Mame is another café with its own roaster, however unlike other cafés on the list, one can buy the beans before they are roasted. The store’s main attraction is that they have a large number of coffee beans that they sell in bulk or smaller quantities for personal use. The café also, of course, sells freshly made coffee – both hand drip and lattes. The store prides itself on selling an affordable cup of coffee with the hand drip costing only around ¥220.

As the coffee beans are freshly roasted our recommendation for this establishment is most definitely the black coffee.


Double Tall

The newest café on the block, Double Tall, has made a splash on the scene with their fresh beans and imaginative caffe lattes. Similar to the other stores on this list, Double Tall café sells delicious coffees and baked goods but with their own unique take. The coffee brewed in the sacred walls of Double Tall are all from freshly ground beans. From Double Tall’s very own blend – a fragrant, strong coffee – to a classic Columbia or various seasonal blends, customers at Double Tall have the option of choosing which bean they’d like their coffee to be made from.

Coffee is clearly the main currency at Double Tall, but their delicious hot chocolates made simply from a combination of milk and melted chocolate is a rich treat worth the trip. For Double Tall, our recommendation is the hand drip coffee, Americano or the caffe latte. With any of these, you’re bound to get a great cup of coffee.


4/4 Seasons Coffee

A small café located a short walk away from Shinjuku-sanchome Station, 4/4 Seasons Coffee offers a dark and light roast all from their in-house roaster. As the store roasts their own beans and has experienced baristas on staff, everything about your coffee from the type of bean to the method of pouring can be customized. In recent months 4/4  Seasons Coffee has seen a boom in popularity due to the freshness of their coffee, and their delightfully creamy caramel pudding, a popular option with customers and travelers alike. Take a break at this elegant café in the middle of Shinjuku, that is, if you can get a seat.