The variety of softcream flavors — and the myriad colors and shapes — are so vast that every fashionista in Tokyo can pair their softcream flavor with their daily outfit. Perfect for the ‘gram, here are some winning combos of softcream and Tokyo fashion style to consider:

Harajuku Cute

Harajuku fashion crosses between styles – from the cupcake-shaped Lolitas to the over-saturated “more is more” Decoras. The new fashion subculture Menhera contrasts the kawaii with the darker elements. Pairing your kawaii outfit with cute food is what Harajuku fashion tribes have always done — rainbow toast, pastel cotton candy, tapioca bubble tea and of course softcream. To channel that Harajuku spirit, you need a cheeky flavor to match. Before you reach for usual pastel suspects like strawberry, try ramune softcream, preferably sprinkled with multi-colored candy.

Shibuya Cyberpunk

All colorful neon aside, Shibuya regulars favor black when it comes to fashion. Long, pointy, asymmetric jackets and big black boots or chunky sneakers, paired with leather and metal and above all — attitude. Three words for them: squid ink softcream. This rare Fukui Prefecture flavor can be found in the home of seafood, and this treat is nearly as black as squid ink. But don’t worry, the flavor is neither overpowering nor fishy. The runner-up is black sesame softcream.

Modern Kimono Fashion

Street fashion icons are shelving the kimono rulebook and playing with new textures and accessories, wearing kimono with button-up shirts and army boots. We’ve seen the classic kimono outfit matched with a cup of matcha, and the summer yukata look completed with a yakitori stick. We now suggest a combination of vintage kimono and the new Japan-inspired softcream introduced by Nissei in 2020. Aiming for that perfect blend of traditional ‘wa’ and modern ‘wow,’ we recommend the new Hokkaido azuki bean flavor for a Japan-inspired softcream experience, preferably in the decorative cone sleeve expressing beautiful Japanese scenes and patterns.

Tokyo Classic Neutrals

The antithesis to crazy street fashion — classic neutrals are taking over Tokyo. This brand of minimalism loves all things white and beige, occasionally an accent of black or gray, with simple cuts and an overall understated look. Natural hair, almost invisible makeup, it’s all about staying as natural and neutral as possible. To dress and decorate like this all you need is a visit to the nearest MUJI, and find a cone of vanilla softcream that is available everywhere.

Illustrations by Bunny Bissoux

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