Guzman y Gomez are serving up what might be the best burritos in Tokyo – they just happen to be coming by way of Australia.

The things that you get homesick for in Japan often come as a surprise. You expect to miss certain things – friends, your favorite bar, decent-sized apartments – and then all of a sudden an unforeseen craving wallops you right upside the head. For us, that craving came in the form of a freshly made burrito, stuffed with all of the fixins’. We’d found a few places around town where we could get our fix, but we’d often walk away feeling like something was missing. That was before we walked into Guzman y Gomez. After a couple of bites, it was easy to tell that they’ve got the formula down pat: a fresh selection of meats, hearty servings of rice and beans, and guacamole that begs for a large bag of chips. We wouldn’t have expected this kind of flavor coming from the Land Down Under, but the franchise got its start thanks to New Yorkers-turned-Australian restaurateurs Steven Marks and Robert Hazan, who turned their nostalgia for US-style Mexican food into a winning recipe. It’s fast, it’s healthy, and we could easily imagine eating there a couple times a week. Now, what drew us in was the burrito, but far from us to tell you what to enjoy. Here are five of our favorite things from this Tokyo taqueria.


1: Burrito
A hearty mix of meat, beans and rice. Unless you plan to try two different varieties at the same sitting, go grande!


2: Salsa and More
Even real spice fiends will get some satisfaction from GyG’s hottest salsa, but even the mild side has plenty of flavor. Make sure to grab some jalapeños too.


3: Hard Shell Tacos
The crunch of a tortilla shell meets fresh fillings: a match made in healthy fast food heaven.


4: Enchilada Style
Grab a knife and fork: that’s the only way to tame this salsa, cheese, and guacamole-laden beauty.


5. Guzman y Gomez Salad
An even healthier way to savor GyG’s fresh veggies and freshly cooked fillings.

Along with their location in Harajuku, Guzman y Gomez have just opened a second shop at Ikspiari in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture. For addresses and full menu information, visit

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