You already know Japan offers plenty of options when it comes to alcoholic beverages, ranging from canned beer and cocktails to craft gin and whiskey. Of course Japan has its own traditional drinks such as sake, awamori and umeshu (plum wine). To broaden your horizons even more, we are introducing five Japanese liqueurs made from Japanese ingredients to diversify your home bar.

1. Setouchi Jam’s Garden Tera Terra Limoncello

Inspired by the hot summers of Italy, craft jam maker Setouchi Jam’s Garden released a refreshing limoncello made from lemons grown in Okayama Prefecture. We love this one on the rocks or mixed with our favorite tonic.

From ¥1,700,

2. Tsutsumi Brewery Mr. Mori’s Brewed Coffee Liqueur

Iced coffee is a seasonal staple, but what about coffee liqueur? Tsutsumi Brewery’s rich and complex coffee liqueur is made by soaking quality-roasted coffee beans in shochu. Enjoy it with milk for a fun twist on a latte or pour over crème caramel pudding for an extra-indulgent dessert.


3. Kurand Tamba Milk Anko Liqueur

Made of milk, sugar, azuki beans and sake, Kurand’s anko liqueur is perfect for fans of wagashi (Japanese confectionery) who want to get creative with their happy hour cocktails. We recommend pouring this over a scoop of ice cream or even homemade kakigori (shaved ice).


4. Kokonoe Rincha

Not every drink needs to pack a punch. Japanese company Kokonoe created Rincha, a liqueur made from a mix of mirin and Japanese green tea. Iced tea with a kick, as we like to call it. Simple is best with this liqueur: Pour over ice for a refreshing drink.

From ¥985,

5. Kanade Craft Matcha Liqueur

Kanade is Suntory’s response to the Japanese craft liqueur boom and their lineup includes a succulent matcha liqueur. For those who love herbal drinks, this one is rich and flavorful. We love this one on its own but for those who want to sweeten the taste we recommend mixing it with some milk or pouring over vanilla ice cream.