Lately, we’ve seen more Tokyo food delivery websites popping up, but there are still very few that offer service in English, and even fewer featuring non-fast-food options. So what’s a gourmand to do when you’re craving a bit of top quality sushi, but hate to leave the comfort of your sofa? Introducing fineDine, a food delivery website boasting more than 350 (and counting) of Tokyo’s best restaurants, and now offering service in English too.

Starting out as a sushi delivery service in Nagoya back in 2001, fineDine’s parent company, Ride On Express, expanded into other kinds of cuisine a decade ago. Now celebrating 10 years in the business, fineDine is more relevant than ever, with modern lifestyles making eating out a rarity, and eating well a priority.

The company is continuously adding restaurants to its lineup, giving you plenty of options to choose from including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, and Western menus. And just because they specialize in top-end cuisine, doesn’t mean you won’t find burgers and pizzas on offer – it just means you’ll be able to enjoy the finer versions of these classic takeout foods.


When asked what makes fineDine stand out from other delivery services, the company’s Operations Manager told Weekender, “We strive to always deliver dishes exactly as they would be served at the restaurant: hot dishes are hot, cold dishes are cold, noodles aren’t overcooked, pizzas are perfectly crispy. We also guarantee delivery within the estimated delivery time [provided when ordering], and if this is not possible due to traffic or adverse weather conditions, we’ll always contact the customer to notify them of the delay. If the customer is not satisfied with the delivered food in any way, we always try our best to resolve the situation either by redelivery or a refund.”

FineDine also caters for parties and events, so should you require up to 50 meals, simply place your order in advance to ensure timely delivery.

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