The Akasaka brew pub and eatery has a couple of new, flavorful offerings to help welcome in autumn.

Along with the gradually cooling weather (which couldn’t come soon enough, if you ask us), we find ourselves beginning to get hungry again. In Japanese, this seasonal phenomenon is known as 食欲の秋 (shokuyoku no aki) – the appetite of autumn. There are plenty of traditional dishes that are associated with this time of year, but German brew pub and eatery Schmatz has a couple of new offerings for fall that will have diners feeling nostalgic for old Deutschland, even if they’ve never been to Europe.

First up is a new beer that has been created just for the fall months. Dubbed Von Von, it’s a chocolate brown brew that is low in alcohol (4.8%), and perfect for a session with friends after work or on the weekend. The beer is served up in a tray (pictured above) that holds 10 of the 250mL glasses, and although there’s no requirement to go all the way, you can keep track of your progress on a special coaster. There’s no particular prize for making it all the way through 10 beers, but you will be rewarded with a hearty cry of “juppai!” (10 glasses!) upon completing your achievement.


Can you make it all the way to 10?

The second seasonal offering is Oyster and Herb Ajillo, which is served with thin slices of crusty bread and salt. Served in a small jar with plenty of olive oil, rosemary, pink pepper, and mustard, it’s a perfectly spiced way to welcome the newfound hunger that comes with fall.


Of course, if you’ve dropped by their Akasaka Mitsuke location (they also have a stand at Commune 246), you’ll be familiar with the rest of Schmatz’s offerings: a mix of imported German beers and their own microbrews, which are made according to centuries-old German brewing regulations, as well as other pub favorites: schnitzel, currywurst and fried potatoes, and assorted grilled vegetables.

So, prost! Here’s to the end of the hot, humid summer, and all of the good food – and drink – that comes with it.

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