Tis the season for festive indulgence and delicious desserts! Japan has made its custom of Christmas cakes into a fine art, with beautiful creations outdoing their predecessors each year. We’ve rounded up some of the most exclusive Christmas cakes in town for a decadent seasonal treat.

Better put your order in before it’s too late…

Nounours Noel Premium 2017

Nothing says Japanese Christmas like a strawberry shortcake and the Nounours Noel Premium 2017 (¥18,000 plus tax) luxurious delight bears a sweet toy teddy (nounours is French for teddy bear) made from chocolate, coupled with a delicately crafted bouquet of roses. The smaller Nounours Noel 2017 (¥8,000 plus tax) is a dark chocolate creation with hazelnut, chocolate, and orange.

Place cake orders in advance by calling before Dec 20. Pickup available Dec 21-25. More information at Louange Tokyo Atelier.

Snow Kaleido

This snow globe-shaped cake is inspired by kaleidoscopes, making us envision the city lights of Tokyo reflecting through multifaceted mirrors. Digging into the Snow Kaleido (¥18,000 plus tax) is as exciting as unwrapping a Christmas present. Cut open this two-layered snowflake-covered wonder and peek inside to discover a mix of sweet strawberries and other “ornaments” inside. In the lower layer, find high quality chocolate combined unbaked cheesecake, topped with a slightly tart raspberry mousse.

Order your very own edible snow globe at The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho at least three days in advance and by Dec 22 at the latest.

Super Tower Christmas Cake

Meet the tallest Christmas cake in Japan, the Super Christmas Tower (¥60,000 plus tax). It’s almost half a meter high, and technically made up of several different cake types. Topped with a white chocolate diamond, the top layer has a chocolate chiffon cake base, while the second stack makes use of fresh musk melon for a tropical version of the traditional shortcake. Layer three is named Super Amaou shortcake for its generous sprinkling of deliciously sweet Amaou brand strawberries. The fourth and final layer features a Prima Baumkuchen cake with a white chocolate coating. Dom Perignon bon bon chocolates top off the final layer, solidifying the Super Christmas Tower’s place as the most exclusive cake on our list.

Find this towering delight at Hotel New Otani Tokyo and order at least five days in advance. Pick up available Dec 21-25.

Bûche Veneto

Named after Italy’s Venice region, this decadent tiramisu-inspired cake (¥4,500 incl. tax) is packed with rich cacao and finished with a jelly glaze. Inside you’ll find a coffee-soaked sponge cake with a coffee sable base, and a mascarpone mousse surprise with bits of coffee crumble, giving the center a creamy coffee flavor. Decorated with a dark chocolate ribbon, it pairs well with champagne and whisky, making it a connoisseur’s Christmas cake.

Order from Park Hyatt Tokyo’s Pastry Boutique by Dec 21. Pickup available Dec 22-25.

Grand Wreath

Kill two birds with one stone by acquiring the Grand Wreath (¥35,000 plus tax) — use it as decoration before slicing it up to eat. The wreath of vermillion red roses and berries is made from thinly sliced pieces of chocolate painstakingly attached to create a lifelike design. Under the chocolate roses you’ll find layers upon layers of biscuit Joconde, almond, rose ganache, framboise creme, and more. Open the box become immersed in a rose-scented essence, creating a full sensory experience. Add your own message in the middle for a personal touch.

Order from Chocolate Salon Takanawa at Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa by Dec 22. Pick up available Dec 16-25.

Precious Christmas

Eco-friendly and utterly delicious, Precious Christmas (¥7,128 tax incl.) is an edible gift that keeps on giving. The cake comes with its own box, made with white chocolate and freeze dried strawberries. Open it to find a cornucopia of fruits including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, lavishly piled on top of a layer of whipped cream and a soft sponge cake.

Place your order at Patisserie Kihachi by Dec 18. Pickup available Dec 22-25.


Grand Hyatt Tokyo’s award-winning pastry chefs have crafted 10 different extra colorful Christmas cakes this year. We’ve fallen for their Profiterole (¥8,640, incl. tax), but note that they only have 80 of these elegant delights on offer, so place your order quickly. If you miss out on this one, there are plenty more to choose from.

Order from Grand Hyatt Tokyo‘s Fiorentina Pastry Boutique by Dec 20. Pickup available Dec 20-25.

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