Ethical Spirits is the world’s first sustainable distillation platform, launched right here in Japan. As the world transitions to a more self-sufficient lifestyle, Ethical Spirits wants you to populate your liquor cabinet with craft gin – and not just any gin. The platform sells liquor made from ingredients discarded during the sake and beer-making process. Ethical Spirits refers to these ingredients as “hidden gems.” These ingredients bring a rich and complex flavor to gin, which is usually a more neutral liquor. This initiative doubles as a promising solution to save struggling brewers from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ethical Spirits also prides itself on supplying craft gin that is nothing short of luxurious. Each bottle contributes to a circular economy, abides by the rules of sustainable manufacturing and celebrates craftsmanship.

TW’s Pick: Cacao Éthique

TW staff recommends picking up Cacao Ethique as your first Ethical Spirits purchase. This cacao gin uses Hiraizumi junmai sake from Akita Prefecture, pineapple, banana, caramel and Whosecacao’s cacao husk. The taste is rich, fruity and herbal. Pair it with orange juice for the ultimate evening drink.

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Ethical Spirits
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Exclusive Giveaway [Closed]

TW is collaborating with Ethical Spirits for a special giveaway. We have 5 Cacao Ethique bottles ready to ship to 5 lucky readers. Here is how you can enter to win:

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This giveaway is open to residents of Japan. Winners will be notified via email by a member of the TW editorial team by June 30.

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