Just how much do you love the smell of burgers: enough to make the aroma of that sizzle your personal scent?

The aroma of greasy fried Whoppers has aroused many a patron’s appetite over the years. And soon, those Burger King devotees can let their most beloved aroma become part of their essence by spraying on the fast food chain’s new Flame-Grilled Fragrance, according to a new press release. The cologne, which BGR says will be priced at ¥5,000 yen per 30ml bottle, is slated to debut April 1 at 10:30am in Japan.

Skeptics like to point out that the debut date is also April Fool’s Day, and that the campaign might be a hoax or an empty publicity stunt. But Kotaku notes that the fast food chain has registered April 1 as “Whopper Day” with the Japan Anniversary Association. And despite the strangeness of this grease trap fragrance campaign, BK’s Japanese branches are no strangers to weirdo offers—chief among them being, according to People magazine, the charcoal bamboo bun Whopper, which was laced with squid ink–squirted dark cheese. Time magazine, meanwhile, notes that other fast food chains like Pizza Hut released fragrances of their own back in 2012, while burger purveyor White Castle went as far as to craft a candle that, when lit, would give off wafts akin to their beefy patties.

Nippon-based burger die-hards need only wait one more week to find out whether or not the fragrance offer is fact or fiction, a period that will no doubt leave them salivating as much as catching a glimpse—or a whiff—of a Whopper sizzling on the grill.

—Kyle Mullin

Image: YouTube