Known for its considerable portions featuring lots of vegetables and garlic, heavy servings of oily soup and ridiculously thick noodles, the chain store Ramen Jiro has garnered somewhat of a cult-like following down the years. In fact, it’s so popular, customers are best advised to line up before the shop opens to avoid a long wait to get in. For fans of Jiro, known as “Jirorians,” nothing’s going to stop them from enjoying their favorite noodle dish. Not even a fire.

Ramen Jiro Staff ‘Kept Operating as Usual Despite Fire and Smoke’

On Tuesday, a fire broke out at the Shinjuku Kabukicho branch of the popular store. Yet this didn’t seem to faze customers, who continued slurping their noodles. Staff also carried on with what they were doing until the flames became too big. “They kept operating as usual despite the fire and smoke,” said one customer, who added that there were about 15 people there, all of whom were seated. Another customer said, “The fire started, and the staff began to panic. It was scary. I just went to eat ramen and never expected to be caught in a fire.” 

Everyone was eventually evacuated, and fortunately no injuries were reported. The Metropolitan Police and Tokyo Fire departments are investigating the exact cause of the fire. Remarkably, even as the flames were being extinguished, loyal Jirorians continued to line up outside the shop. It shows how dedicated they are.  

Ramen Jiro

About Ramen Jiro  

Founded by Takumi Yamada in Tokyo’s Meguro district in 1968, Ramen Jiro’s dishes were thinner and lighter in the early days. With the help of a nearby Chinese restaurant, Yamada eventually developed the distinctive Jirorian flavor. In the 1970s, Ramen Jiro moved to Mita, and it immediately proved popular with Keio University students. Today there are around 40 locations throughout Japan, more than 30 of which are in the Greater Tokyo area. In 2009, Ramen Jiro featured in the Guardian’s list of “The 50 best things to eat in the world, and where to eat them.”

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