Carb-conscious ramen lovers don’t have to wait until their cheat meal days to chow down on this street food staple any more now that Nissin, the original creator of instant ramen, has now come up with a noodle-less cup ramen snack.

The new series, named Nissin Men-nashi Ramen (Nissin Noodle-less Ramen), will be releasing two flavors under the concept “high quality tofu instead of noodles,” focusing on an abundance of large pieces of the soy product to fill the void of the starchy strings.

The two flavors consist of Tonkotsu Tofu Soup, with a rich, creamy pork bone base, and Tantan Tofu Soup, a spicy and flavorful medley with hints of sesame. Both are not only low in sugar content (3.6 grams and 3.2 grams respectively), they are also a good low-calorie option at 67 kcal for the tonkotsu soup and 76 kcal for the tantan.

The soups are on sale from Monday August 21, and can be found at most convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide.