Smooth, round and cute. Those words can be used to describe many things, but they also describe Doraemon, the blue robot cat who has been a fan favorite in Japan and around the world for more than four decades.

This month, the futuristic character from the 22nd Century teams up with CircleKSunkus stores across Japan to celebrate the release of the 3D animation film “Stand By Me.” It is a special year for Doraemon fans, as it marks the creator Fujiko F. Fujio’s 80th anniversary and the launch of Doraemon in the US.

Taking inspiration from the likeable face, from August 19 until September 1 a limited number of Doraemon steamed custard buns (link in Japanese) will be sold across selected stores. They are bound to be popular, and a limited supply of the blue-and-white buns—only 400,000 will be produced—should guarantee some long lines at the stores that are carrying them. If you are quick enough, you can grab one of the sweet treats for ¥180. Besides the “Doraemon man [bun],” other food such as Doraemon Pancakes with red bean and margarine flavor will be available at the “Stand By Me Doraemon Fair” at Circle K Sunkus convenience stores too. On top of this there also is the chance to win various limited edition items such as a Doraemon toaster or a floor-cleaning robot, so even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, there is something for everyone.

—Mona Neuhauss

Main image: Circle K Sunkus

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