Cale/Field Sewing Tokyo will hold an exhibition by Kathleen Reilly and Taro Karibe from July 28 to August 18, 2023. The works of both Kathleen Reilly and Taro Karibe use different angles of perspective to explore the nature of the realm of the self and others. In exploring the overlap between Reilly’s act of transforming the artist’s inner experience into poetry and sculptures and Karibe’s act of generating landscape photography through communication with AI, the two artists, in searching through conversations, identified the story of “The Butterfly Dream,” said to be seen by the Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi, as a shared image. Understanding the ephemeral nature of approaching others, which can only be achieved by constant observation, both artists attempt to penetrate through some acts of destruction.

Kathleen Reilly is a Scottish artist and metalworker living and working in Tokyo, Japan. Reilly plays with the semiotic qualities of her objects that seemingly flux between circumstances.

Taro Karibe is a Tokyo-based artist and photographer. Interested in the pattern structures that commonly occur in invisible systems, he began his photographic expression after working in psychology, infectious disease control, finance and IT.